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Howdy Friends and Family! Thank you for visiting our site!

If you haven't talked to us in a while and are interested to know how our year went, here is a little summary...

Marco graduated from the BYU MBA program in April, and now works as a Support Operations manager at Hewlett Packard in Houston, Texas. Our whole family celebrated Marco's graduation by going on a month-long trip to Brazil, including four different states (well, we have a lot of family there!). It was a wonderful experience for Marco and Lilian to see their grandparents, who they had not seen in ten years, as well as their uncles, aunts, cousins, and friends. The kids loved going to Brazil for the first time. It was a great learning experience as well as a lot of fun!

We moved to Houston in the end of May, and very quickly got settled in our very friendly neighborhood. We also love our Ward!

In September, Lilian got her American Citizenship. She had to be interviewed and tested on American History. Michael helped her study. In one of the questions, he asked her "What are the two major political parties in the U.S.?", she answered "The Republican and Democratic Parties". Then he said, "Mom, why haven't we ever gone to these parties?" :-)

This year Raphael learned how to walk, to talk, and is now going to nursery in Church. Michael learned how to swim, to ride a bike with no training wheels, and is doing a great job academically in school. He is in second grade now. Julianna is attending Pre-K classes every day, and she loves them! She is very artistic and musical. She also loves her ABCs...

It has been a great year! We are very grateful for the many blessings we've been receiving, and hope 2008 will be even better.

Merry Christmas Y'all and a Happy New Year!


Lilian, Marco, Michael, Julianna and Raphael

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Hello Friends and Family!

Here are the highlights of our year so far:

January: Lilian's 29th birthday on the 18th.

February: Michael's 8th birthday on the 28th.

March: Michael's baptism. Such a special day! Michael is a great boy. He is so intelligent and independent. Lilian's parents and sister Anna, as well as Marco's parents and brother Fernando came from Utah for the event. We all had a great time together. On the 16th Marco turned 33. We also celebrated it with our families, since it was on the same weekend Michael was baptized. Easter was also really fun. We spent it with the Metcalf's and the Gunderson's from our ward who shared some fun traditions with us!

April: General conference was great. Michael watched the whole conference with us and Julianna tried really hard! Lilian made him and Julianna a folder with conference activities that really helped them focus.

We also went to San Antonio for the first time. We visited Sea World for a couple days (we loved it! It was fun for the whole family) and we also went downtown to the Riverwalk and to the Alamo. Both were beautiful!

May: Lilian ran her first 5K-run called Sprint for Life, which is an ovarian cancer fundraising event. She was accompanied by two friends Tammi and Holly. It was very exciting for her. Lilian also went to Stephenie Meyer's book signing event with her book club friends. They waited 5 hours to meet the author! Lilian got 3 books signed and was very happy about it. She is a big fan.

School was over on the 29th. Hooray!

June: Raphael turned 2 on the 6th. He is growing up so well! He's a very sweet and caring boy. He is polite and so smart!

Julianna had her first ballet recital. She danced so beautifully! She performed "Nutcracker Barbie". Mom and dad were so proud of her. She felt very pretty and special.

It's warm and beautiful outside. The kids have been going to summer camps, including Scout and technology camps for Michael, and Pre-K camp for Julianna. They have also been participating in our local library book club. They have been reading a whole lot in the hopes of getting a certificate with Governor Rick Perry's signature and maybe a trophy. They also have been going swimming, writing letters, and playing together outside. We really love summer!


 Latest News Minimize

September 22, 2008- We had a major hurricane in Houston on the 13th. Although the winds were a little scary, our biggest concern was having no power and taking care of Julianna, who was running a high fever (between 102.5 and 104.5F) with no other symptoms. Fortunately, we were able to find a hospital open on Sunday evening, and she was diagnosed with an urinary tract infection. She is doing well now. Our electricity came back on after three days. We feel so fortunate! Half the population still has no power today.

Some people have asked me what we have learned from this hurricane.

1) Have a 5-day supply kit (believe me, 3 days is not enough, most people in Houston who lost their homes will tell you that). Fortunately we did. We included lots of flashlights, batteries, medicine, canned foods, MREs, etc. Julianna had a fever for 5 days. She needed medication every 4 hours to keep the fever down. Can you imagine if we did not have medicine? The pharmacies were closed for 3 days... I also wished we had antibiotics. Since you need a prescription here in the U.S., I am having my sister bring me some from Brazil to keep in my emergency kit.

2) Have plenty of water. We had 8 Costco boxes of bottled water. We are using all of it, since our water is still not 100% safe. Boiling water is a good alternative, but not convenient. We also had many soda pop bottles filled with water. I froze them all in my freezer in the garage before the hurricane, and when our power was out, I transfered them to my fridge and freezer inside the home, and they kept my food fresh until our power came back.

3) Keep car gas tanks full. Before the hurricane hit, the lines at gas stations got huge, and after, we had no gas available for a couple days , and then the lines got huge again.

4) Keep your pantry and fridge full. We bought a lot of bread, milk, eggs, and had our freezer stuffed with meat. We were glad we did (well, if our power had not come back in time, we might have thought differently). After the hurricane, the few grocery stores open did not have meat, eggs, milk, bread or butter... these things tend to be produced locally. We were thankfull especially for the milk. Julianna did not want to eat or drink anything but milk (her stomach was pretty upset with the fever).

5) Think about temperature. Here the weather is pretty hot. With the power out, we had a miserable saturday... it was so, so hot and humid! Marco found an old battery fan in our attic, but it was very small. We shared it during the night so we could sleep. Fortunately the temperature dropped a lot the next couple days, and our home cooled down until our power came back. Think about alternatives, especially if you live in a place that snows...

6) Ask neighbors, relatives, and members of the Church to share their cell phone numbers and keep them in a book (not in the computer). We did not have anyone's cell phone numbers here, so it was hard to communicate.

7) Learn what disasters might strike your area and prepare accordingly. We did many things to prepare our home. We cut three tall pine trees in our backyard that died before hurricane season started (if we didn't they would have been down for sure, like many in our neighborhood), We took everything loose outside, like chairs and grill and brought inside. We also removed our park's roof and rock climbing wall and placed them in the garage. Many people also boarded up their windows. We didn't.  We also made copies of all our documents and placed them in our 5-day supply kit, along with maps, and family contact information. We placed our original documents in a fire/flood resistant safe.

8) Have a plan. Find a place in your home where you can go in case there is a wind-related disaster (ours was our master closet. We all slept there during the hurricane). Have a place to go in case you need to evacuate (address, phone number and map), and make sure all adults in the family know about it.

We feel very grateful for being protected during this storm. Everything now is going back to normal. The kids will start school tomorrow again. Yeah! The power in our Church building finally came back and we will have Church next Sunday (after 2 weeks without). We feel very blessed.




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Sept. 22, 2008

As most of you know, we had a major hurricane in Houston this month. If you'd like to know our experience with it, please go to our archived news, scroll down and select Latest News (date Sept. 22 appears).

Last week was tough. No electricity until Monday night. No school for the kids the whole week (the toughest I'll say), no Papa John's open when I most needed them, no butter at Walmart so I could bake cookies (ok, just kidding)... no Church both Sundays, no Temple open... and on top of it, it seemed that my kids were getting into accidents all the time. Not counting Julianna's fever and infection, Michael almost broke his thumb on Tuesday (the wind closed a door on his finger.  It swelled up a lot and he screamed for 30 minutes). I really prayed it was not broken. Two hospital bills at the same week would not be easy to handle. It was not broken. On Thursday I took the kids to the park. At first they had a lot of fun. But then Raphael got hit by a swing on the face and cut his tongue (he was ok, but cried like he was not), and at the very same time Julianna stepped into an ant pile. Can you believe my luck? Raphael crying on the bench, and I trying to take the ants off of Julianna... it was actually comical... On Saturday we decided to eat out. Nobody can stand my cooking anymore (especially me). We went to T.G.I Friday's. The lady said the wait would be only 15 minutes. We waited 1 hour before we were seated. But then it took the waitress 15 more minutes to ask us what we wanted to drink. We decided to just go home. We were starving and impatient. I made a batch of brownies, mac and cheese for the kids, and after we fed them and put them to bed, Marco and I made cheese fondue and watched a movie. It was so good! From a really stressful night we actually had a very nice dinner and movie. And yes, everybody survived my cooking.

Ok, enough complaints. We are actually doing great and really excited with the beginning of fall. It means only 3 more months until Christmas!!!




Our Family News

Summer 2007

 Marco finished his MBA school this past April after two years of hard work and sleepless nights. Hooray! He feels great about not having to study for exams on Saturdays and for finally getting an income (although Lilian is waaaaay more grateful than him). He accepted a job at Hewlett-Packard in Houston, TX as an Operation's Manager. We spent a wonderful month in Brazil celebrating and visiting with dear family and friends. It had been 10 years we had not been in Brazil, and it was actually the first time we went there together. What a great time we had!

We moved to Cypress, TX (15 min. from work) to a great community with pools, gym, tennis courts, parks, walking trails... Lilian and the kids are having a lot of fun! Michael learned how to swim by himself and Julianna is pretty much ready, but still afraid to try...

Raphael took his first steps on July 7th. The whole family melted to watch his little chubby legs move like jello. Ooohhh, so cute! He does other cute things too, like throwing his bottle on the floor (not so cute) and saying Ugh-ough (not sure how to spell it). He is so adorable!

Lilian already got two callings in our new ward. She is the Organist and Choir Pianist. I guess music is her eternal calling in Church! She feels very grateful to be able to help though.

These are only a few of our news. A lot of things have been happening lately! We hope you will take some time to look at our pictures. They will tell about our Summer a whole lot more than we can write.

 Thank you for visiting our Site!

 Summer 2006 Minimize

Our Family News

Summer 2006

Marco is done with his first year at BYU MBA. He is working as an intern at 3M for the Summer. MacCosmos is doing really well. Lilian is about ready to have our new little boy and Michael and Julianna love playing together. We have put brand new pictures in the photo album, so go check them out! The pictures include Marco's travel to Germany (and Paris on the weekend) to visit CeBIT. Lots of good business knowledge and contact were acquired in the trip. Lilian will be going with Marco to Europe once school is over ;).

 Summer 2004 Minimize

Our Family News



This has been a very busy Summer for the whole family. In June Lilian finalized her work as Silent Auction Coordinator for the Arizona State Music Teacher's Association Conference. She had been working on this auction for six months and it was a great experience for her. She made many friendships and she also brought a profit of 10 times more than last year's and more than any other year in the association's history. She is also working for her local music association, the East Valley Music Teacher's Association in Advertising and as the Scholarship Chairperson. These are all volunteer work.

The kids have been having fun too. Michael and Julianna have been going swimming, attending the Zoo (even with the hot weather), going to the mall's park (a little cooler!), and playing together. They are great friends, fight all the time, but really love each other. It's been very rewarding seeing how much they learn from each other, and how much they love each other too. They are inseparable!

Julianna is speaking many new words now. She is also understanding what we say a lot better. She is very sociable and wherever she goes she says “hi“ to everybody. She loves dancing and singing. She can sing many tunes and whenever there's music, she dances. She is an angel.

Michael has been a great big brother. He is always giving Julianna water and crackers and he always seems to know how to comfort Julianna when she is upset (sometimes it means to give her doll back). He is an artist. He is always creating homemade toys, and drawing and writting letters. 

Marco has been working really hard with his Church calling as one of the Stake Clerks. He is responsible for all the computers in our stake and he's been doing a great job. He's been also working hard at FreeScale and has also been a great dad and husband. 

Even with all the work we've been doing this Summer, we've been also having fun and spending time together as a family.

 Spring 2004 Minimize


Our Family News


We are enjoying the wonderful weather this Spring in Arizona. The kids have been playing in our backyard with their new little pool and sandbox. Lilian has been enjoying taking care of her little garden, which by the way is growing a beautiful tomato (her first success). And Marco has been studying for the GMAT!

We had a fun Easter. We went to Church and listened to our wards' beautiful choir sing about Jesus Christ and we enjoyed the talks given in Church that day as well. We also had fun with Easter Bunny. Lilian hid some plastic eggs with tiny chocolate eggs inside around our living room. Julianna was the first one to find an egg and imagine her happy face when she tasted the chocolate eggs inside! She was so excited that everytime Michael found another egg, she would cheer happily. Poor girl, already getting addicted to chocolate!

Michael is doing very well in school. He can already write his name and is getting to know the letters and numbers well. He loves to sing and to do crafts. He is so creative! He loves playing pretend and giving new purposes to stuff around the house. Two days ago he went to the mall with Lilian to help her buy a new outfit, and he said “mom, you are beautiful, but your hair is not looking good. You need to 'paint' it like Lizzie Mcguire.“ So little and can already notice this stuff!

Julianna is getting sweeter every day! She always has a smile on her face and is so patient, calm and kind. Her new thing is repeting the word “ne“ which means “right?“ in slang Portuguese. She repeats it everytime someone says it in our home and it's so funny to notice how many times Lilian says it. She also sings all the time. She can't say any words in her singing, but she is very tuned!

We feel very blessed and happy and hope you are all doing well. Don't forget to count your blessings!

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